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Started in Don Zientara's basement in the late 70s, Inner Ear has played host to virtually all of Washington, D.C.'s punk and alternative bands from Minor Threat on up. Since moving to a large commercial space in 1989, Inner Ear has hosted all kinds of projects - chorale singers, film composers, classical & jazz musicians even books on tape.

Recording/Mixing & Mastering & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post

WSDG provides design and consulting services in the fields of architecture, acoustics, control technology, electro acoustics, and advanced audio-visual systems integration.

Original Music & Licensing

Chris Apple Studios is a digital audio company dedicated to producing the highest quality sound and music for film and video games. We believe that game audio should be immersive, realistic, and compelling. You only get to tell your game's story once - let Chris Apple tell it the way it's meant to be!